You must attack Cancer from all angles to Survive!

My Bladder Cancer Survival Story. Brent Wallace

Fighting cancer is an all out war that must take place from every angle! You must attack cancer 24/7 if you plan on being around any longer than the national 5 year survival rate! (Statistics here.) I know a lot of you have already read much of this on my Facebook wall, but this might be a good refresher course about prevention and the natural cures that are effective to successfully attack cancer and other diseases. 😃

Every moment that you’re not attacking cancer, it’s attacking you!
– Brent WallaceBrent Wallace - Attack Cancer from all angles!

Bladder Cancer History.

I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in June of 2016. I’ve never been a smoker so I was completely surprised that my bladder was 95% full of tumors. OMG ⚡️ that was an awakening!

Standard Protocol for Bladder Cancer.

My urologist told me that standard protocol for bladder cancer this aggressive and mean was to immediately remove my bladder and be faced with wearing a bag or other options that I wasn’t ready to accept. As a result I immediately began researching alternative natural ways for healing my body other than surgery since chemo and radiation are not effective for this type of cancer.

Nutrition & Cannabis for all types of Cancer.

In our cancer research we found that a lack of nutrition is mostly to blame for most types of cancers. We discovered that cannabis does indeed kill cancer cells and NOT THE HEALTHY ONES. We learned that cancer is fed by sugar and that a massive change in diet was definitely in order. I decided that if I wanted to become cancer free and stay that way, I was going to have to change my diet IMMEDIATELY! One of the most important sites that we discovered was The Truth About Cancer! I highly recommend that you go there and find other ways to attack cancer! We were given a copy of the 7-part video documentary series and it is very informative. The folks there are great, they’ll help answer your questions, there are lots of cancer tips, success stories and testimonials to read.

Essiac Tea is essential to attack Cancer.

After more research, we began taking Essiac Tea. If you’ve not heard of it, it’s a Tea made from 4 different roots. It was passed down from an old Indian medicine man to a nurse in Canada named Rene Cassie. The name Essiac comes from her name spelled backwards. We order ours from Amazon, but make sure that you get the type that you have to boil and then let set overnight. It cost @ $20.00.

You’ll need more Nutrition than most!

I’ve found that the easiest way to get massive amounts of organic whole foods into your body is through taking JuicePlus concentrated food capsules. They go way beyond juicing for incredible nutrition! When in the midst of changing our diet we found that it was very difficult to get enough good organic greens, fruits and berries into my body to rebuild my immune system. Taking these capsules fills the gap of what one can ingest daily and what is really needed for our body to function properly and to heal the immune system. JuicePlus is tested multiple times from harvest to finished product. Requirements to grow JuicePlus products go beyond organic standards and they are mold and bacteria free which is not a requirement for the organic label!

I’ll guarantee that 98% of people don’t get their 8-13 servings of fruits and vegetables a day! Did you? It’s nearly an impossible task! Also, when you’re fighting cancer you’ll need more than that, so I actually double up and take twice the recommended dosage! This has really done the trick for myself and my wife also. Remember, you have to stay on the offensive to attack cancer. If you’d like to learn more about it please you go to my:

JuicePlus+® Website »

I have also posted multiple stories and testimonies from doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals who have been dealing with all types of illnesses and diseases such as ADHD, Autism, Allergies, Autoimmune diseases, Asthma, Crohn’s, Eczema, Gastric Bypass, Heart issues, Parkinson’s and more. Please take a few moments and use our enhanced SEARCH next to the main menu.

Cannabis Oil kills Cancer Cells!

Cannabis Oil kills Cancer cells and not the good ones like chemo and radiation! I have been taking massive doses of cannabis oil in suppository form. By doing it this way, you bypass the kidneys and you don’t get high! The dosage that I am taking is HUGE! It goes way beyond what you can buy at the local dispensary down the street here in Oregon. You would never be able to smoke or ingest as much as I do 4 times a day!

My cannabis suppositories are specially made because the first ones that we first began with were not strong enough. Cannabis does definitely kill the cancer cells and not the healthy ones! I’m living proof of that. To date I have had 3 surgeries to clean the tumors out of my bladder. When we first started I was 95% full. Now, only a few months later… there is nothing visible! We have now moved on to our final phase of treatment for my particular cancer symptoms called BCG treatments. (Here’s more from Wikipedia if you’d like.)

We recently began 6 weeks of this immunotherapy and will continue until complete. We will continue to attack cancer and we’re getting much closer to complete remission! 😃 We are very thankful for all of the natural treatments that we were led to and have implemented successfully. My prayer 🙏 is that hopefully something here will help you also.

Brain Health: Mental Clarity & Support.

It’s a lot easier to attack cancer with lots of ❤️ love, support and prayers! 🙏 I found that daily meditation and reading the word is also vital for overall healing. A positive attitude and NEVER SAYING“I have cancer” are very critical for complete recovery. Instead please choose to say something like I am treating cancer symptoms or some other type of disease! Remember that you’ll need to heal your mind also and not just your body. So programming your subconscious mind is very very important. I’ve found that reading and listening to Wayne Dyer has been incredible for my mental well being.

Restore your Immune System.

Finally, most folks have never heard of a supplement that we take called EHT. It is a natural pill created over 20 years by a research scientist at Princeton that is derived from a particular molecule in coffee beans. It has helped IMMENSELY with my mental attitude, focus, attention, recall, memory, and helping me with to reconnect to my body! This natural supplement actually repairs and rebuilds the broken connections in your brain! It also helps with sleep and helps to rebuild your immune system! I honestly will never be without taking this and the JuicePlus food capsules! I am more than happy to chat with you if you have any questions. Please watch this 2 minute video about EHT to learn what it does and how it has helped thousands of others, please go here:

Brain Health Supplement »

I sincerely hope this information will help you or someone you know who is fighting this awful disease. Please contact me anytime! Have a great day and God Bless. 😃

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