Successfully fight Cancer & Disease by Boosting your Immune System.

Boost your immune system naturally. Boosting your Immune System Naturally

For most of your life your immune system successfully fought off cancer cells, killing them as they developed. That’s its job. In fact, the only job of Natural Killer Cells is to kill cancer cells and viruses. For cancer or any other disease to develop, your immune system must either be worn out, ineffective, or unable to kill cancer cells as fast as they normally develop. Your immune system can not normally handle the load if you have been exposed to large doses of cancer causing toxins, high doses of radiation or something similar that increases the rate of the development of cancer cells to an abnormally high level. Either way, it is vital to strengthen your immune system in your battle against cancer. Especially if you are getting medical treatments that wipe out your immune system.

Using supplements to support the immune system.

There are many natural supplements that support the immune system. This is why so many are touted as being able to help you beat cancer. If someone has an immune system that is almost able to handle the cancer cells then an immune system supplement may be enough to improve it to the extent that they can beat the cancer. For folks with more seriously compromised immune systems, this supplement, or group of supplements, would not work well because their immune system is worse off. That is why it can be so confusing in deciding which treatments to use. When a supplement or procedure has been used for many years, especially if it is popular, you’ll hear how it has beat cancer. But what you don’t know is if it has only worked 2% of the time or 15% of the time. Given the number of people who die from cancer, the success rate of most of these types of supplements is fairly low. It is easy to squander money and more importantly time, on products that won’t get the job done. You’ll want to make sure you do enough to wipe out the cancer completely.

Kill cancer cells naturally with Essiac Tea.

One of the first things I tell people who may have recently been diagnosed with cancer is to focus on taking immune system products that actually kill the cancer cells directly such as Essiac Tea and Cannabis oil. If you’ve not heard of it, Essiac Tea is made from 4 different roots. It was passed down from an old Indian medicine man to a nurse in Canada named Rene Cassie. The name Essiac comes from her name spelled backwards. We order ours from Amazon, but make sure that you get the type that you have to boil and then let set overnight.

Cannabis oil kills cancer cells!

I have also learned that cannabis oil does indeed kill cancer cells and not the healthy cells. We learned that cancer is fed by sugar and that a change in diet is essential. If you wanted to become cancer free and stay that way, you should change your diet IMMEDIATELY! One of the most important resources we have found is The Truth About Cancer! I highly recommend that you go there and discover other ways to attack cancer naturally!

Your immune system is critical when fighting cancer or any type of disease. Your immune system must be fixed before you can heal.

Don’t mess around!

Cancer is not something to mess around with. While it is always hopeful and great to read about how someone took just one supplement and beat their cancer, your odds of success are much higher if you attack the cancer as hard as you can from the beginning from multiple fronts. I have always said that if you’re not attacking the cancer, it’s attacking you! I have found through my trials that killing cancer naturally is most effective by flooding your body with the healthiest whole food ingredients available to repair and rebuild your immune system. So the first thing I tell people is to change your diet by eliminating sugar and carbs, and begin eating as much of an organic plant based diet as possible.

The reason that I prefer Juice Plus+ nutrition over anything else is that the fruits, vegetables, and berries are grown beyond organic specifications. They are picked at the peak of ripeness unlike produce that may be two or three weeks old in your local grocery store. It is then quickly juiced, the water is removed, and then slowly dried into a fine powder that is put into capsules for consumption. It’s simple to take and it fills the gap of between what you should eat and what you actually ingest everyday.

You’ll need more nutrition than most!

I can pretty much guarantee that most people do not get their 8-13 servings of fruits and vegetables a day! Have you? It’s nearly impossible to do! When you’re fighting cancer you’ll need additional, so I actually double up and take twice the recommended dosage! You have to stay on the offensive when attacking cancer. If you’d like to learn more about Juice Plus+ please you go to this page.

JuicePlus+® Website »

Mental clarity & support.

It’s a lot easier to attack cancer with lots of ❤️ love, support and prayers! 🙏 I found that daily meditation and reading the word is also vital for overall healing. A positive attitude and NEVER SAYING“I have cancer” are very critical for complete recovery. Instead please choose to say something like I am treating cancer symptoms or some other type of disease! Remember that you’ll need to heal your mind also and not just your body. So programming your subconscious mind is very important.

Finally, most folks have never heard of a supplement that we take called EHT®. It is a natural pill that was created by a research scientist at Princeton. It is derived from a particular molecule in coffee. It has helped me IMMENSELY with my mental attitude, focus, attention, recall, memory, and more! This natural supplement actually repairs and rebuilds the broken connections in your brain, helps you sleep, and also helps with rebuilding your immune system! I will never be without taking it! Watch this short 2 minute video to learn more about EHT and what it can do for you.

EHT® Brain Health Supplement »

I pray this information will help you or someone you know who is fighting this awful disease. Contact me anytime! Have a great day and God Bless. 😃

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