Nerium EHT Cancer Testimonial

EHT Cancer Testimonial for Bladder Cancer. Brent Wallace

Brent’s EHT Cancer Testimonial: I’ve been using EHT® since Day 1. I love it and I can’t ever see myself not taking it! I have been dealing with bladder cancer since last June as naturally as possible. A big part of attacking cancer is done on the mental side. If you don’t know it, you have to fight cancer from all angles if you plan on surviving and living a healthy life. 😃 You’ll need to heal your mind and not just your body when fighting cancer. So repairing the connections in your brain and programming your subconscious mind is very important for healing and that’s where EHT shines through and subtly helps me every day!

Every moment that you’re not attacking cancer, it’s attacking you!
– Brent WallaceBrent Wallace - Attack Cancer from all angles!

Bladder Cancer History.

I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in June of 2016. I’ve never been a smoker so I was completely surprised when I found that my bladder was 95% full of tumors. OMG ⚡️ that was an awakening! We have chosen to deal with this as naturally as we can. We’ve made tremendous strides in becoming completely well but we’re not quite through with our journey. You can read the details from my previous post if you’d like.

Mental Clarity & Stress Relief.

EHT® has been tremendous for me in reference to keeping me grounded and sharp without mental fogginess. It has helped give me more energy during the day and it helps me sleep deeper and more restful at night. If you go into a cancer battle without a positive mind set you’ll have a very difficult time dealing with stress and what is required with healing yourself. No matter what type of treatment you are electing to use to treat your illness, EHT® can be used without interfering with other types of medications or supplements. It’s strongly recommended by this cancer survivor.

EHT® Mind Enhancement Supplement

EHT® is a natural pill that was created after 20+ years of research by a doctor from Princeton. It is guaranteed to improve overall brain functions and brain health naturally. Learn more about how EHT repairs and rebuilds the neurons in your brain and helps to strengthen and rebuild your immune system by watching a couple of short 2-minute videos below.

EHT® Brain Health Videos »

I sincerely wish you the best and I am more than willing to help in anyway that I can, please reach out and contact me anytime. My prayers go up for you. Have a great day & God Bless.

EHT Cancer Testimonial