Juice Plus+ Children’s Health Study

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What is the “Children’s Health Study”?

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The Juice Plus+ Company is committed to helping entire families get healthy. Because of our mission we have designed the Children’s Health Study. When an adult orders Juice Plus+ they may sponsor a child, teen, or college student and that child will receive Juice Plus+ for FREE for up to 4 years! See the Rules and Results from more than 150,000 families surveyed show that children who take Juice Plus+ long term below.

  • Child or teen must be 4-18 years old or a full-time, undergraduate college student.
  • The child sponsored does not need to live in the same household as the sponsoring adult, but the products will ship together to the same location.
  • The sponsoring adult covers the cost of shipping & handling of the Children’s Health Study order.
  • The sponsoring adult agrees to fill out a short periodic survey tracking health changes in themselves and in the sponsored child, teen or college students.
  • Eat less fast food & more fruits and vegetables
  • Drink fewer soft drinks & more water
  • Visit the doctor less & attend school more
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